CAST #3: Waiting

Saturday, April 15, 2017

On Good Friday, Jesus died. On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose again. But on Saturday, we waited. Creation waited. Our God waited. Hope seemed dead, darkness the assassin. Call it a cave, call it the dark night of the soul – whatever label you give it, it is a painful time: waiting, hoping, and clinging with nothing but faith that the Light will shine again, that He will redeem our “Saturday”.

These were some of the things we discussed at this three-hour event on April 15, 2017, as we explored waiting in three areas: in our personal lives, in the foster care system, and as an oppressed people group waiting on justice. Presenters included Jessica Bhatti, Berisha Black, Chrystal Stewart, and Jenell Holt; worship leader was Krystle Sanchez. A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Foster Care Initiatives. Listen to the CAST #3: Waiting audio of the first-half presentations.


  • Jessica Bhatti
  • Berisha Black
  • Chrystal Stewart
  • Jenell Holt
  • Krystle Sanchez (worship leader)

Audio Recording