CAST #6: Upheaval

Upheaval in our lives.
Upheaval in society.
Upheaval in institutions - including the Church.
Join us for CAST #6: Upheaval on Saturday, 9.15.18.

CAST #5: Breaking

Breaking: deconstruction of faith. Brokenness: examining our criminal justice system. Breaking through: redemption and transformation.

CAST #4: Women

The theme of CAST #4 was Women. We examined it from the personal level of women’s identities, the community level of women in society, and the Church level of women in ministry. A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Changing Lives Center.

CAST #3: Waiting

On Good Friday, Jesus died. On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose again. But on Saturday, we waited. Creation waited. Our God waited. Hope seemed dead, darkness the assassin. Call it a cave, call it the dark night of the soul – whatever label you give it, it is a painful time: waiting, hoping, and clinging with nothing but faith that the Light will shine again, that He will redeem our “Saturday”.

CAST #2: Restoration

Where are we as people, communities, the Church, and creation broken? What is keeping us from restoration? How can we transcend these obstacles to embrace and advocate wholeness through our Savior?

CAST #1: Busyness

How does busyness hinder relationships? Who does being busy well? Why is it so pervasive? What can be done to leverage it for God’s purposes? When must we go against culture and label it an idol? These are some of the conversations and concepts we explored together at this two-hour event for women who want to come alive in Christ.